Aelle landscape has designed and built every garden, office/shed in this website apart from the photo to the right which is the Nelson/Bach factory garden in Wimbledon which was designed by Anya Medlin and constructed by Aelle.

The design process can take shape through many practises, from a hand drawn design from Stuart through to a more organic approach which involves the Customer, Stuart and the Aelle team.

The first two photo's below are an example how a hand drawn design was expanded further by Arran and Nick who dug out Sarsen stone which was incorporated into the walling, Mrs Farrow expanded it further by wanting a door put onto the courtyard wall to give a feeling of space in the small area.

The 45 degree angle to the step gives a feeling of more space whilst the two semi circle seating areas are alligned off kilter to add further interest, these will be surrounded by plants which Mrs Farrow wanted to complete for herself.




Small courtyard garden constructed for Mrs Farrow in Marlborough, 2016.

Small courtyard garden, constructed for Mrs Farrow in Marlborough, 2016

Curved stone rill water feature with gravel and planting to give a Mediterranean feel. Constructed in 2007 for Mr and Mrs Trevallion.

The next 3 photos show the progression through the original garden on a new build estate in Pewsey to the planted up final product and 1 year down line where the plants have established.

The build completed for Mr and Mrs Ot in Pewsey.

One year on for Mr and Mrs Ot.
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