We have completed a number of projects for schools in Wiltshire.  For example:

St Marys school

The idea was to transform the strip of scrub land into four distinct useable areas. To attract wildlife, to give different sensory perception, tactile, scent, vision and useable products gained from working the soil.

Aelle landscaping came up with following.

  • Wild Orchard
  • Wild Herb
  • Wild Fruit
  • And raised Vegetable beds.

Wild Orchard is predominately Apple and Pear trees underplanted with a mass of Dianthus with its spikey leaves to simulate clumps of grass, the Dianthus will flower en-mass with a range of perennials planted through the border to give different height and flower through the season.
The fruit trees will give blossom in spring and edible fruit in Autumn for eating and cooking.

Wild Herb is a an area planted up with culinary and non-culinary herbs,  these have been planted informally to give a mass of flower and scent, parents and children can be encouraged to sit and pick the leaves to take home for cooking or simply crush to release the scent.

Wild Fruit is a border with both native and non-native soft fruits, the parents and children can pick fruit for eating and cooking, maybe the native Bilberries with some yoghurt, the American Cranberry for a sauce, the Scandinavian Lingonberry for jam, gooseberry for a crumble, Fig eaten off the tree, and Strawberries whilst the parents sit and wait for there children.

The raised vegetable beds have been constructed thin for easy access, the children can sit on the sleepers and plant the seeds to be rewarded with fresh vegetables to take home or cook in school.

All the borders have paths running through in a random manner, in makes it more interesting to get around and see the bugs and insects drawn to the flowering plants. Because the area is so close to the classrooms I am sure birds will visit the area which even on a rainy day the children can watch with ease.

All the design and manual work was carried out by Aelle landscaping, the project was started on the Saturday the day after the children broke up for February half term and ran for 9 days straight finishing on the Sunday before the children came back from their holidays, this way of working allowed us to get on and get the garden built without disturbing children and teachers with the inevitable noise of construction.

From scrub land to four distinct useable areas

Wild Orchard with stepping stones leading to a bespoke Oak bench.

Bespoke hand made conference pear sign.

Soft fruit area with gravel paths, hand painted totem poles and cobble round painted by the children.

Raised vegetable beds with topsoil/compost mix ready for the children to start growing.

Bespoke hand made Wild herb sign.

Wild Orchard.
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