Boundary Fencing

Below is a list of materials but is by no means exhaustive.

Closeboard: quality, strong, security fencing, usualy made from pressure treated softwood onsite by our carpenters.

Panel: Budget off the peg, not as strong as closeboard,

Wattle: woven willow or hazel, we now frame these or add post and rail for strength.

Post and Rail: Full round, half's or square edge, usually rabbit proofed

Softwood curved fence constructed in 2006 in Pewsey for Mrs Allen

New gates and drive constructed in 2006 in East Grafton for Mr and Mrs Hoogeweegen

Security close board fence and gardens for the employees, constructed in 2005 and 2008 for Nelson/Bach flower remedies in Wimbledon. (Designer Anya Medlin)

Larch waney edge fencing. Constructed in 2010 for Mr and Mrs Goodman in Hilcot

Justin, sharing a joke with the AlPaca’s whilst we fence them in. The brown boy ‘Winston’ doesn’t see the funny side!

Justin trying to be invisible whilst feeding Winston, Winston is having none of it.

English Craftsman made Woven Hazel hurdles supplied and erected in 2012 For Mr and Mrs Blain in Manton.

Close board Fencing, Constructed in 2011 in Ramsbury for Mr and Mrs Andrews

Brick walling with brick piers with a Close board infill and Close board gates, Constructed in 2012 in Aldbourne for Mr and Mrs Jeffcoat

Nick finishing off a bespoke mortice and tenon cleft Chestnut gate. Constructed for Mr and Mrs Ward in Marlborough, 2015
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