Hedging and trees


 Aelle can offer a range of products and services from bare root hedging and standard trees of various sizes, rootballed and pot grown hedging and trees, pleached trees for screening, mature, ready formed hedging and Fruit trees and bushes.

The bare root season usually starts from Mid-November and continues through to mid-March, pot grown trees can be supplied all through the year.


Box curved hedging, part of a garden rebuild. planted in 2011 in Ramsbury for Mr and Mrs Andrews

Large Laurel Hedging Supplied and planted for Mr and Mrs Shepard in 2010

Mature 6ft high Yew hedge, planted as part of a front garden re-build in 2015 for Mr and Mrs Hallgate in Marlborough.

Arran taking 5 after planting up an orchard for Mr and Mrs Blain in 2012
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