Organic vegetable gardens.

I started learning how to plant potatoes at the age of 5 and I am still learning at 49!

My old neighbour, Mr Walter Mann taught me in his prolific garden, in his 90s and a marvellous chap he was! An advert for the benefits of spending life outdoors and growing organic vegetables and fruit. Smoking his pipe wearing a homburg hat. he would show me the basics and I now have a prolific organic vegetable garden of my own thanks to him!

Pre Coronavirus, I grew and enjoyed the process of growing and cooking my own produce, the difference in flavour, quality and accessibility is worth while and having to wait for seasonal vegetables to become available has its own value.

Now the virus has hit, I believe the organic vegetable garden will take on a different value. The easing of the strain on supermarkets and food producers will become evident and the philosophy of self- sufficiency can help both mentally and physically in our daily lives. The U.K. imports nearly 50% of it's food and I suspect that amount may be higher. Growing your own could stop food miles in its tracks and hopefully we will become a nation of personal growers once again.

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